The Red Stiletto Bookclub Series

  • The Magnolia Inn
  • A Magnolia Homecoming
  • A Magnolia Friendship
  • Magnolia at Midnight
  • A Magnolia Wedding
  • A Magnolia Move-In
  • A Magnolia Adventure
  • A Magnolia Christmas
  • A Magnolia Kiss

Sweet Tea and a Southern Gentleman

  • The Inn on Harmony Island
  • The Shop Around the Corner
  • Apple Blossom B&B
  • Godwin's Grocery
  • Harmony Island Gazette (Release Date 5/31/2024)
  • Sunny Side Up Diner
    (Release Date TBA)
  • Honey Bee Library
    (Release Date TBA)

The Braxton Brother's Series

  • Coming Home to Honey Grove
  • Friendship Blooms in Honey Grove
  • Escaping to Honey Grove
  • Forgiveness Found in Honey Grove
  • Christmas in Honey Grove
  • Her Second Chance

A Fake Relationship Series

  • The Marriage with the Cowboy
  • The Proposal with her Best Friend's Brother
  • The Contract with the Billioniare
  • The Engagment with the Prince
  • The Wedding with her Ex
  • Finding Love for the Cowboy

A Sweet Billionaire Romance Series

  • Finding Love with the Billionaire
  • Falling for the Billionaire
  • Forgetting the Billioniare
  • Fixing the Billioniare
  • Second Chance Mistletoe Kisses
  • Second Chance with the Billionaire
  • Second Chance at Christmas Inn
  • Love Blooms at Christmas Inn
  • Christmasland
  • Rule #1: You Can't Date the Coach's Daughter
  • Rule #2: You Can't Crush on Your Sworn Enemy
  • Rule #3: You Can't Kiss your Best Friend
  • Rule #4: You Can't Trust the Bad Boy
  • Rule #5: You Can't Fall for Your Fake Summer Fling
  • Rule #6: You Can't Elevate the Outcast
  • Rule #7: You Can't Fake Date Your Brother's Best Friend
  • Rule #8: You Can't Excuse the Billionaire's Heir
  • Rule #9: You Can't Misinterpret a Mistletoe Kiss
  • Rule #10: You Can't Forgive Your Ex-Best Friend
  • Rule #11: You Can't Ignore Your Family's Fued

The Ballerina Academy Series

  • The Quarterback and the Ballerina
  • The Running Back and the Prima Donna
  • The Wide Receiver and his Best Friend's Little Sister
  • The Kicker and the New Girl
  • The Fullback and his Best Friend
  • The Quarterback Alpha
  • The Fullback Protector
  • The Wide Receiver Outcast
  • The War Between the Packs

The McKnight Family Series

  • His Kissing Penalty
  • His Secret Baby
  • His Redemption
  • HIs Broken HEart Antidote
  • His Romance Coach