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The Braxton Brother's Series Bundle

The Braxton Brother's Series Bundle

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“Beth,” Sondra yelled, raising her hand.

“Ma,” Josh said under his breath. This was the last thing he needed—his mom meddling in his love life.

Startled, Beth glanced up, and Josh thought that he saw her cheeks redden when her gaze fell on him. But, when he blinked, she looked much more relaxed.

Josh gave her a small wave and he cursed himself for thinking she’d had any reaction to him. It must have been his imagination. But then he felt even more like an idiot. Why was Beth blushing something he would imagine? Why did he care?

He was rusty at this whole needing to interpret what women were thinking bit. It’d been years since he even needed to think about flirting. And if his past experience with love was any indication of his future, he should just throw in the towel now. Love wasn’t worth that kind of pain.

“Hey, Mrs. B,” Beth said, raising her hand and waving. “Josh.”

“Come over here, sweetheart. Look who’s come back home.”

Josh shot his mom an annoyed look, but if she noticed, she didn’t care.

Beth glanced down at her watch and then back up at them. “I’m—I should really—”

“Nonsense. I’m sure whatever you have going on isn’t as important as greeting an old friend.”

Josh parted his lips to come to Beth’s rescue, but closed his mouth when he saw her nod and make her way toward them. After crossing the street, she walked up, pausing a few feet away.

“Did you know that Josh is back to stay?” his mom asked, peering up at Beth.

Beth turned her gaze up to Josh and nodded. Her blue eyes were as bright as ever, but there was something about them. Age had made her more beautiful than he remembered. Or, perhaps, it was the light dusting of freckles across her nose or her full, red lips…

“Josh, say hi to Beth.”

Realizing that he was just standing there, staring, Josh took a deep breath and extended his hand. He needed to get a grip. “Right.” He gave her a smile. “Hi, Beth.”

She chuckled, and the sound of her laugh did strange things to his insides. “Hi, Josh.” She pinched her lips together as she glanced up at him. “It’s nice to have you back.”

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Follow the entire Braxton Clan as they all return home to the Small Town of Honey Grove and find their Happily Ever Afters. 

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