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A Magnolia Wedding - Audiobook

A Magnolia Wedding - Audiobook

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All I wanted from Jackson was a job, but I got something more. I just hope that I'm enough of a reason for him to stay.

My life is falling apart. With my job on the line, I'm forced to return to the one place I swore I would never go back to: Magnolia.

Now faced with my crumbling relationship with my daughter, it's up to me to attempt to rebuild what I broke so long ago. Wedding plans would be perfect for us to reconnect over--except they're not. Especially when I feel as if I am more of a nuisance than a help.

That only feeds into my fears that my daughter will never want me in her life.

My heart wants me to stay, but my head tells me to leave.

I'm waiting for my court date to come around. In the meantime, I'm determined to find a job to help out my mother's struggling coffee shop. As luck would have it, Maggie knows of a recluse on the far end of the island who is looking for a housekeeper slash chef.

Even though I'm not the greatest homemaker, I decide to give it a shot.

Until I meet Jackson.

He's dark. He's broody. And he has a secret that I can't quite figure out.

As much as I want to walk away from him, I soon discover that there is more to him than meets the eye.

He may want me to leave, but I'm determined to stay.
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The Red Stiletto Bookclub Series

A bookclub started out of desperation soon because exactly what the women of Magnolia needed...a sisterhood.