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Fixing the Billionaire

Fixing the Billionaire

A Fake Relationship Romance

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Love can mend a broken past.


  • Billionaire
  • Redemptive Hero
  • Dealing with Loss
  • A Older Encouraging Aunt
  • Medical
  • Protective Hero


Millie has given up on love. After all, men never seem to show up when they’re supposed to.

Joseph is trying to atone for his mistakes that he made before his daughter passed away. He’s left behind his privileged life to travel from town to town, paying off stranger’s medical bills.

They were perfectly happy living their single lives until Millie rear ends Joseph in the parking lot of the hospital where she works.

Fate intervenes and they find themselves thrown together.

But love isn’t that simple.

Especially when the pain they’re holding onto keeps them from the one thing they’ve convinced themselves they didn’t deserve. Happiness.

Chapter One Look Inside


“Oh, no. Oh, no, no, no,” Millie whispered as she stared at the hood of her car. Her bumper was now sandwiched between her car and the truck in front of her. The sound of crunching metal replayed in her mind like a skipping CD. Why did this have to happen? She had been able to keep everything together during the drive to work just for it all to come crashing down a hundred feet from the front doors of the hospital. Who crashes into someone in a parking lot?

The rear lights of the truck turned on and a moment later, the driver’s door swung open. A man in a baseball cap and an NYU t-shirt stepped out. 

She swallowed as she attempted to calm herself. What had she just done? Glancing down at the clock on her dash, she groaned. She was definitely going to be late for her shift at the hospital now. Steeling her nerves, she forced down the tears that threatened to spill. 

Monday was already off to a rocky start. Maybe she should have just crawled under her covers and never come out. As much as it pained her to say it, her roommate, Ivey, was right. There was no reason a girl who had just been stood up at her spontaneous, Las Vegas, almost-wedding should go into work. The hospital would have understood. She could have called in claiming emotional distress. But she’d brushed Ivey off telling her that she was okay. That she could handle it. 

As she stared at her new hood ornament, Millie sighed—maybe she wasn’t okay. 

A knock on her window pulled her from her thoughts. The driver was standing just outside her car. Great. Well, she was going to have to face him sometime. She took a deep breath and forced a smile. 

Put on your big girl pants, Millie, she told herself as she unbuckled and pushed open the door. 

“I’m so sor—” she said as she stood, but when she glanced up and met his gaze, all rational thought flew from her mind. The most piercing blue eyes she’d ever seen were peering down at her. They rivaled the ocean on the clearest day. 

The man raised his eyebrows as he studied her. “Are you okay?” he asked as he leaned closer. “You hit my parked car.” His voice was deep and smooth. It made whatever he was saying sound amazing. 

Millie swallowed as she nodded. “Yes.” She breathed and then cleared her throat. “I mean, I think I’m okay. How do my pupils look? Ask me a question that I should know.” She gave him a small smile. “I’m a nurse. That’s what I would do. . .” She let her voice trail off as the man continued to stare. There was something exposing about the way he studied her. Was there something on her face? She pushed a dark curl behind her ear and then rubbed her nose. Did she have something hanging from it? With her luck, she wouldn’t doubt it. 

When she glanced back up at him, he narrowed his eyes as he stooped down to peer into her gaze. “Your pupils look fine.” He cleared his throat. “Do you know where you are?” he asked. 

“Savannah General in Georgia,” Millie said. “Been here my whole life. Well, not here at the hospital. Savannah, the city.” She gave him a nervous chuckle as he raised his brows. “There was the four years I lived in Atlanta when I was going to school. But I suppose that doesn’t matter right now.” She tightened the muscles in her jaw as heat rushed across her skin. Why had she said that? This guy clearly didn’t want to hear her life story. She mustered a small smile and took a deep breath. She wished she was back home tucked deep under her covers. 

“I’m so sorry,” she said again. “I’ve had quite the weekend, and my mind was somewhere else.” She tried not to wince as the memory of standing at the airport with her wedding dress and veil draped over her arm, waiting for Grayson returned. What an idiot she had been thinking he’d actually show up. 

“You hit my truck,” the man said, waving at his bumper. “It was parked,” he repeated. 

“I know. I’m sorry.” She glanced down at her watch. “It’s not bad enough to need a police report, so is there any way we could continue this conversation inside? I’m late for my shift.” She waved at her navy-blue scrubs. 

The man’s gaze swept over her, and her cheeks flushed. What was happening to her? Maybe she was having a mental breakdown. With her current life situation, she wouldn’t be surprised if she was losing her mind. 

He glanced at her car and then back to her. “I guess. You lead, and I’ll follow.” He stepped back and extended his hand, motioning toward the front of the hospital.

Millie grabbed her purse and shouldered it. She started walking toward the doors. She could hear the gravel crunch under their feet. Not able to stand the silence anymore, she turned and gave him a smile. “Camille Pruitt, but my friends call me Millie.” She paused, reaching her hand out.

The man raised his gaze to study her. “Joseph. My friends call me Joseph.” He engulfed her hand in his and shook it a few times. Millie tried not to stare as she took in how tiny her hand looked against his giant one. 

“Well, Joseph, it’s nice to meet you. Although I wish it was under different circumstances. You have my word; I won’t try to lose you. As soon as we get inside, I’ll make a copy of my insurance information and you can be on your way.” 

Joseph cleared his throat as he wiggled his fingers. Embarrassed, Millie dropped his hand. Why had she held it for so long? And why had she blabbed on and on? Maybe she should check herself into the mental portion of the hospital.

“I believe you,” Joseph said as he shoved his hands into his pockets. 

She gave him a small smile and then continued toward the automatic doors. They slid open when she approached. As she stepped inside, the familiar florescent lights and sterile smell greeted her. She glanced over at Joseph who had a pained expression on his face. She silently cursed herself. Of course. How could she have been so stupid? He was here to visit someone. And she’d crashed into him. Hopefully, he wasn’t here to say goodbye to a loved one.

“Are you okay?” she asked as she led him over to the elevators. She needed to focus on something else before she opened her mouth and heaven-knows-what came tumbling out. “I have insurance. Don’t worry.” She led him over to the elevator and hit the up button. Focusing on herself and crashing her car into his seemed like the best idea. 

He glanced over at her. “I’m not worried about that. I just. . .” His voice deepened. “Don’t like hospitals.”

She nodded as she stepped into the elevator. “I get it. Most people don’t.” She leaned over and pressed the button for the fourth floor—Children’s Oncology. “Are you here to see someone?” Please answer no.

He was studying the elevator buttons and shook his head slowly. “I have other business here.” He paused. “What are you a nurse for?” he asked. His voice had turned strained. 

“Children’s oncology.” 

He closed his eyes as he tipped his face toward the ceiling. 

“You know, children’s cancer.”

He nodded. “I know what children’s oncology is.”

Millie swallowed. His reaction was familiar. She’d seen it many times before. He had experience with cancer. “Does someone you know have cancer? Here at the hospital?”

The muscles in his jaw twitched as he cleared his throat. “It’s not something I like to talk about.”

From his furrowed brow and paled complexion, her question was answered. Cancer was a terrible disease. And in children . . . well, it had the capability to bring the strongest person to their knees. 

“I’m sorry,” she said. A sentiment she’d gotten used to saying. 

The doors slid open before Joseph could respond, and Millie stepped out. 

The floor was quiet for a Monday. Samantha was sitting at the reception desk in front of them, where she had a phone pressed against her shoulder. The sound of her typing followed by her soft “um-hums,” filled the air. A few doctors were standing around, speaking in hushed tones. 

Millie made her way over to the desk and dropped her purse onto the counter. Then she reached over and clocked in. Samantha gave her a smile as she responded to the person on the other end of the call. 

“This should only take a moment—” Millie started to say as she turned around, but stopped when she saw that Joseph wasn’t behind her. She swept her gaze to the elevator, where she found him standing just outside the doors. His tanned skin had paled as he glanced around the floor. 

Millie grabbed her wallet and headed in his direction. “Are you okay?” she asked as she reached out. In all the rush of the morning, she’d forgotten to make sure he didn’t have a concussion. 

Joseph cleared his throat. “Yes. I’m fine,” he said as he backed away from her outstretched hand.  

She tapped her wallet. “This will only take a moment. I just need to make a copy of my insurance card, and then you can leave.” She peered into his gaze. His pupils were fine, but there was something in his expression that told her that he was not. She wanted to ask what was bothering him, but she’d only just met the guy. She wasn’t crazy enough to do that.

So, she’d just have to be fine with the small nod Joseph gave her. 

She unzipped her wallet and pulled her card from it. She walked behind the desk and opened the scanner where she laid her card onto the glass and hit the copy button. 

“What’s with the hottie?” Samantha asked from behind Millie. 

She glanced over to see Samantha standing a few feet off, nodding in Joseph’s direction. 

“I hit his truck,” Millie said. 

Samantha snorted. “You hit his truck? Like, on purpose?” 

Millie furrowed her brow. “Why on earth would I hit him on purpose?”

“Are you not seeing what I’m seeing? Lord have mercy.” Samantha fanned herself as she returned her gaze to Joseph. He’d taken off his hat and was running his hands through his thick blond hair. 

A flushed sensation raced across Millie’s skin, causing her to wince. There must be something wrong with the air conditioning. Even though it was only May, temperatures were rising outside and inside the hospital. She’d have to talk to maintenance about getting that fixed. 

Samantha’s giggle drew Millie’s attention back. “No. I didn’t hit him on purpose,” she said as she retrieved the piece of paper from the tray.

Samantha glanced back over at Joseph. “I’d hit him on purpose. Just to be able to talk to him.”

Millie lifted the cover to the scanner and removed her card. “Well, that’s the difference between you and I. I don’t risk bodily harm to talk to a guy.” She shot Samantha an exasperated look and rounded the counter. 

As she made her way over to Joseph, movement in the hall caught her attention. Bo’s bright white hair and equally bright smile appeared in the doorway of the kitchenette a few doors down. He quickened his step when his gaze landed on her. “Millie! Just the person I wanted to talk to.” 

“Bo, can this wait?” she asked as she nodded toward Joseph. 

Bo’s gaze followed her gesture. “Ah, good. You’re here. I’ve been waiting for you,” he said as he approached Joseph. 

Joseph’s eyes widened as he studied the sixty-five-year-old volunteer coordinator, who had his hand extended.

“I’m so sorry,” Millie said as she tried to angle herself between Bo and Joseph. The poor man had just been hit and then dragged into the hospital. The last thing he needed was to be attacked by Bo.

“I was going to tell you that we were waiting for the new volunteer and yet, here he was all along.” Bo moved his hand closer to Joseph. “Bo Hill. I’m the volunteer and party coordinator for the hospital. I have to say, I was getting worried that you weren’t going to show up.” He shot Joseph a relieved expression. “Boy am I glad I was wrong.” 

Joseph glanced over at Millie. She tried to give him an encouraging smile. He met Bo’s gesture and after a few shakes, dropped Bo’s weather-worn hand. “Joseph Max—” he started and then a peculiar looked passed over his face. He cleared his throat. “Joseph Max.” He repeated. “I think there may be a mista—”

Bo laughed as he reached out and patted Joseph’s shoulder. “Good to have you on board, Joseph.” He waved toward the media room to the left of them. “The kids are a-waiting.”

“Hold on, Bo,” Millie said, holding up her hand. She’d quickly lost control of this situation. “I wasn’t done with Joseph yet.” She approached him with the piece of paper extended. “Here. It’s all there, like I promised. I’m sorry. I didn’t realize you were a volunteer here.” She gave him a soft smile as relief rushed through her. “I guess we were both late,” she said, leaning in. What was she doing? Just as quickly as she leaned in, she pulled back. She’d sworn off men. She needed to remember that. 

Joseph glanced at Bo and then over to her. For some ridiculous reason, the depth of his gaze made her melt like a popsicle on a hot day. Oh, no. She was having a mental breakdown. Thankfully, Bo had taken a step back to converse with a passing parent. There was no need to reveal to him that she’d gone crazy.   

Joseph took the piece of paper from her. “Thank you,” he said as he scanned it. “Although I’m not too worried about it.”

Relief filled her chest. Maybe he’d be okay with them settling this without involving insurance companies. That would be amazing if he would be willing to do that. Her premiums were already sky-high after her last fender-bender. “If you want to get me an estimate once you get it checked out, maybe we can just settle this between us?” 

Joseph eyed her, causing heat to rush across her skin again. Was it illegal to suggest they not involve insurance companies? 

“I mean, if you want. If not, we can totally just have our insurance companies cover it.” She stumbled to redeem herself. 

Joseph shook his head as he folded the paper. “It’s a classic.” 

Crap. Now, not only would they need to involve insurance, it would most likely cost an arm and a leg. She mustered a smile. “Great.”

Joseph eyed her. “I’ll talk to my claims person. They might have a suggestion.” Before Millie could reply, Bo called for Joseph to follow him over to the open door of the media room. Joseph glanced over at her and then moved to follow.  

Millie’s mind raced as he walked away. She wanted to say something. For some reason, she had a deep desire to keep talking to him. Which was ridiculous when she’d given up on men. But why was there something about him? A truth he was keeping hidden. A mystery she wanted to figure out. 

“I hope you find what you’re looking for.” She blurted out before she could stop herself. Heat raced to her cheeks as she mentally kicked herself. Who says that? 

Joseph paused and then turned to look at her. “Why do you think I’m looking for something?”

She swallowed. Why did she have to say that? “I saw that your license plate was from North Carolina and well. . . you’re here. I just assumed there might be a reason.” She gave him a small smile as heat permeated her cheeks. How had this day crashed and burned so quickly?

He took a few steps down the hall before he paused and turned, his gaze falling on her. He parted his lips as if he wanted to say something but then he shook his head. “I will,” he responded. His voice was gruff. Like he, too, had been caught off guard by her comment. He shot her one last pained look and stepped into the media room. 

Once he disappeared, Millie leaned against the wall and took a deep breath. Well, the first day of being back as a jilted bride was off to a great start. She sighed as she pushed off the wall. When she got home she was going to tell Ivey that she was right. She should have stayed home. For the sake of her heart and her mind. And her car—which she now needed to get fixed. Boy, she was a mess.

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