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Godwin's Grocery

Godwin's Grocery

Sweet Tea and a Southern Gentleman Series, Book 4

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Chapter One Look Inside

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I never moved on. I tried, but I couldn’t. I will spend my entire life loving her even if she’s determined to leave me.

She’s Juliet and I’m Romeo.


Just when things between mom and I seem to be getting better, Rose has a scare that lands her in the hospital. Mom discovers that I’ve been keeping Carmel a secret from her and tells me that we’re not welcome at Apple Blossom B&B.

So I pack up my bags and head to the only place I can think of that will take me and a pregnant dog in…Jax.

Of course, he answers the door in just a towel with his hair damp and his chest glistening from water droplets. Thankfully, I regain my senses and ask him for a place to stay while I sort out my life. He’s hesitant, but agrees.

His only condition: I work my room and board off at his pub.

Which seemed easy enough. Until I see just how popular he is with the ladies and I hate that those pesky twinges of jealousy rise up in my chest when I see him enjoying that attention just a little too much.

I’m angry at my mom and I’m angry with Jax. One drunken night, I do the unthinkable. I ask Jax if his lips feel the same as they did when we were dating as teens.

His gaze turns dark as he stares at me and asks, “Do you want me to kiss you, Claire?”

I know I should say no, but I don’t. Now everything has changed but I’m still the same Claire with all the issues I that had before.

I know how our story ends. I’ve lived it before. Fate doesn’t want us together. Ever.


I’m determined to put my life with Steve behind me. He was my past and I’m ready to focus on my future. Mom and dad? They aren’t so convinced.

Sure, they offer to let me work at Godwin’s Grocery. It’s a simple job that lets me get out of the house and focus on healing. But I wonder if it’s just a way for my parents to keep tabs on me.

I haven’t told them what happened with Steve. My black eye speaks volumes all on its own. I know they want to know what happened. Especially since he’s a Proctor: the wealthiest family in town. But that’s a road I don’t want to go down…

Until Steve calls me. He’s sorry for what he did and he wants to talk. We’d been together for so long, that I agree. It’s the least I can do.

Mom and dad don’t want me to go, but I’m an adult, I can make these decisions on my own. Until mom suggests that I take the new hire with me. His name is Boone and he looks like he belongs on the battlefield, not stocking shelves.

Not wanting to start a fight, I agree. But when Boone doesn’t leave my side, my parents plan starts to unfold. In the small town of Harmony Island, they found me a bone fide bodyguard.

I’m annoyed and I let Boone know it. I’ll be fine. My future doesn’t include Steve until…it does.

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Sweet Tea and a Southern Gentleman Series

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