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The Quarterback and the Ballerina, Book 1 - Audiobook

The Quarterback and the Ballerina, Book 1 - Audiobook

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My heart pounded as I swiped my phone on and read his text. 

Ethan: I think I see you. You’re the only person crazy enough to wear a hoodie in seventy degree weather. 

My cheeks heated as I glanced around. When I didn’t see him, I furrowed my brow. 

Me: Where are you?

“Who are you texting?” Olivia asked as she craned her neck to look at my screen. 

I tipped my phone toward my chest and shook my head. “No one,” I lied, knowing full well that my reaction to his text was most likely giving me away. 

Olivia rolled her eyes. “Yeah, okay.” Then she nudged me with her shoulder. “Please tell him that I expect him to introduce me to some eligible guy.” She dipped a chip into the cheese and then stuck the whole thing in her mouth. 

My phone chimed again. Thankfully Olivia was engrossed with eating so I took what time I had to look at his message. 

Ethan: I have eyes everywhere

Me: Okay now that’s just creepy

I got a clown face emoji in response. Laughing under my breath, I started to type more but he beat me to it.

Ethan: Hey, did you know you’re wearing our rival’s colors? Try not to get into any fights up there. 

I looked down at the sidelines but it was packed with marching band members and cheerleaders. I spotted some jerseys too, but not Ethan’s dark hair or familiar build.

The guys next to me were laughing over something and then they were pushing and shoving and…yours truly got an elbow in the shoulder.

“Oh man, sorry,” the blond next to me said.

“No biggie.” I forced a smile. 

His friend shoved him again and I was unceremoniously bumped again. 

“Yo, cut it out,” blond guy shouted at his friends.

He gave me another apologetic wince. “Sorry, my friends are idiots.”

The last shoving contest had spilled the guy’s popcorn on the ground and I was leaning over to help him pick it up when my phone dinged again.

I focused back on my phone as soon as the guy beside me turned away. The eagerness to see what Ethan had written was making me feel ridiculously girly and giddy and…if I wasn’t careful, I’d start getting giggly.

I never did giggly. I was so not a giggler. 

Ethan: Are you here with someone?

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